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Why You Should Consider An Automated Online Business?

The reason why you should consider an automated online business is because, an automated system can duplicate better than a human can, and duplication is the key to succeed in the mlm, network marketing and direct sales home businesses. Statistics show that the failure rate for new home based business is over 95%. Of the remaining profitable businesses, most only make enough to pay their car payments.


Only a small fraction of 1% earn an annual 6-figure income.

The main reason for such a high failure rate is that most people despise selling, cold calling, prospecting, and closing sales.

However, these are the necessary steps to operating a successful home business.

It requires time, skill, knowledge, experience, and patience, which is what most start up business owners lack. Many businesses also fail due to lack of proper advertising. Most people are not expert advertisers. They lack knowledge of how to market a home business. If you are not an expert marketer, and you don't know how to advertise effectively, one could spend a lot of money and not getting the desired results.

A good automated system can eliminates selling and marketing problems.

There are many automated systems out there to choose from, after carefully evaluated all the available automated systems, the best one I found is called the Predator Marketing System.

The fully automated Predator Marketing System sorts through prospects to weed out the tire kickers, only serious buyers remain in your system. Then it does the presentation by showing an extremely powerful movie, and closes sales (without pressuring the prospects) by the professionally trained and carefully selected company sales team.

So that Predator system owners don't have to do any prospecting, presentation, or closing sales. They do not have to sell or speak to each prospect personally; these are all done for them by their fully automated systems. Company sales team will do all prospect follow up, answer questions, and close sales. It is completely duplicable, and that will eliminates the fall out rate most people face in the home business industry.

And by leveraging the power of Internet technology, the Predator Marketing System includes Veretekk's Traffic Portals, the most innovative automated lead generation system created by an 8-year old internet marketing company called Inetekk.

So how are Traffic Portals different? Simple - because at the heart of it, Traffic Portals allow you to offer something of real value to a prospect. Veretekk has created 20 traffic portals to generate leads by giving away valuable offers like - free vacation, free ad submission to millions of sites, free leads, free SEO Search Engine Optimization tools, free website tracking tool, free ISP service, free webpage, etc.

This then allows for an increased level of communication between you and that prospect - setting you further and further apart from the masses of bulk email they receive. Your ability to offer more and more of these valuable services to the prospect continues to widen the gap so that eventually you develop a very strong sphere of influence. This creative marketing technique is called Reverse Marketing.

As part of the package, the Predator Marketing System also includes daily online live trainings on topics like - SEO, web traffic generation techniques, lead generation, internet marketing, HTML, traffic exchanges, reverse marketing techniques and so on. Once their members complete all the courses, they will have the ability to market anything online successfully.

by Jenni Tsai