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St. Pauls Second Letter To The Internet Marketers

I read the first lesson in church today. It was Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 8, starting from verse 1. As I was reading verses 11 and 12, I almost stopped, and had to collect myself to continue reading.


To save you trying to find a Bible, verse 10 says “I want to suggest that you finish what you started to do a year ago”, and verse 11 is even better – it says “Let your enthusiastic idea at the start be equaled by you realistic action now”.

The reason I nearly stopped reading is because these words really struck home to me as an internet marketer, and I suspect it would have struck a chord with you too.

Have we not all been guilty of enthusiastically downloading the latest magic formula for online riches?

We probably only bought what we did because of the “$15000 worth of bonuses” which were offered along with the product.

Now we have hard drives cluttered up with stuff we have never opened, and sometimes stuff we have actually paid money for, and yet still have never used.

What went wrong? Did we get too busy with other things, thinking we would get around to using that marvellous money making scheme later? The trouble is, later never comes, as we get distracted by another hundred emails, each of which promises so much, but which will just as inevitably deliver so little, and off we go again, looking for the next big thing.

Have a look on your hard drive. I’ll bet you’ve got stuff that you can’t recognize from the file name, can’t remember where you got it from, or why you ever downloaded it.

It is a known fact that if an internet marketer sold private label right books or articles to a limited market of 300 people (and for PLR you wouldn’t want any wider distribution than this), only about a third or less would ever appear on the net. This is why PLR products are so good – if you follow up your enthusiasm with action, you will have a great chance of making good, as you will have a significant advantage over the vast majority who will do nothing with their purchase.

So, how do you get yourself into this happy situation?

What you have to do is BEGIN! Yes, it’s as simple as that. Tell yourself that on a certain day at a certain time you will start on ……………… (Enter your own project here – fish it out of the “too hard” basket.

Don’t open any emails on that day, don’t get distracted by anything at all, and at least MAKE A START. This is how writers get over their mental block. Rather than sit there staring at a blank piece of paper in their typewriter (those that still use typewriters), they start typing. What they type doesn’t really matter, it is just a trigger to get them going.

For instance, this very evening I found out why the links on my website were in large print, and bolded, thereby using up too much space in my website ads. I had been putting this off for months, knowing it was something to do with a mysterious CSS file, but not quite knowing what a CSS file actually was, what it did, and what I had to do to achieve what I wanted.

Eventually, I did a search, and found a CSS tutorial. Then I went to Dreamweaver and loaded up my money-making site. I then found that I didn’t need the tutorial at all, Dreamweaver let me edit the CSS file on the screen. The whole thing took less than thirty seconds! All I had to do was make the commitment to myself to actually start doing what I had been putting off for so long. I urge you to do the same.

Next I resolved to carry out what I had thought about in church, that there was a good article somewhere in St. Paul’s words, so I opened up Word, typed the headline, and haven’t stopped until I got to here!

So, type out verses 11 and 12, and stick them to your screen, or somewhere where you will see them each time you sit down at your computer, and marvel that St. Paul’s words are still so relevant to us today as internet marketers!

by Peter Phillips