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Small Business Success Secret

The real secret to small business success has doesn’t have to do with technology tools, the internet, or anything like that. In fact, it’s not even a real secret. It’s been around since man started to verbalize communiqué. The secret is WORDS!

Words carry enormous power. They can make you laugh hysterically, or destroy the strongest relationship. Words can be more powerful than any other tool at your disposal.


The effective use of words, especially in business, translates into skyrocketing sales, satisfied clients, happy employees, and a profitable and secure future. Yet, less than 1% of small entrepreneur businesses use words to their full potential.

The power of words can be learned and used effectively by anyone, and when you harness and unleash this power, there’s nothing on this earth that can stop you. This art of using words is what is called copy writing.

It makes or breaks your sales and advertising material. A true word smith can forge the most potent of copy for their site.

One of the ways an “amateur” copywriter, one who is writing for her own product or business, can beat the experienced pro is by infusing the sales letter or ad with her own, honest, genuine, and unmitigated enthusiasm. When selling in online, enthusiasm is just as important as in face-to-face selling.

This is why you can’t just sit down and write an ad “on command”, like you can sit down and do bookkeeping. You have to muster up some enthusiasm for the job and the proposition you’re putting across.

If I’m going to write an ad or some other sales material the first thing in the morning, as I often do, I try to set my subconscious mind to work on that job before I go to bed the night before. There are times when I wake up with the “big idea” that I need and other times I wake up with some ideas and a readiness to write them down and pick and choose which ones I want to use.

Don’t force yourself to “grind out” direct-response copy when you really don’t feel like it because the result will be flat and mechanical. It may be technically correct with a headline, subheads, bullet points, an offer, etc., but it will lack spirit and enthusiasm.

The person who is genuinely enthusiastic about what she is selling definitely has an advantage. That’s why the freelance professional copywriter should always download as much of the pitch from the product’s most enthusiastic salesperson as possible. Then transfer it to paper and shape and mold it to perfection.

Over the years, the work I’ve done for clients and ad agencies has proven that the most successful work was for clients that were passionate and enthusiastic about what they were selling. So before you tackle that next ad for your business, make sure you’re as enthusiastic about it as you want your clients to be.

by Wayne Van Dyck