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Make Money On The Internet With Blog

Can you make money from internet with blog?

The Answer is Absolutely, Yes!
Making money with blogging is simple. Just Follow the Steps below :
1. (Your) Blog.
2. Traffic.
3. Selling (to them).
4. Monetize.


If you have a blog and peoples coming to your blog – you just need to monetize. Before rush it for monetization, something you must take care, or you will rush in vain. There’s one article talking about how to monetize for make money from your blog. That’s Right. But one thing that very important is missing. So…What it was?

You have a lot of traffic, about 10,000 peoples a day, you just need to focus for monetize it.

This the point of monetization and that’s so simple :

1.  Put the right place for banner.

2.  Use the text link for affiliate.

3.  Google Adsense.

4.  Listed a few on your blog page.

The steps of 1234 is really simple. Monetize will work if you make success in three first steps 123 (blog-traffic-selling). Can you make money from internet with blog? Any Kind. The right question is Can you make more money from internet with blog? You just need to prepared your blog! Why not just posting it? If you don’t care about prepare your blog, you’re not serious about making money with your blog.  Don’t blog, except you know what you’re going with your blog. I don’t mean only conclusion of your blog. These are the steps below before you make your own blog :

1.  The topic to write.

2.  How many visitors want to know about it?

3. What product I introduce, is it relevant with the topic?

4.  How am I to do?

What do I have for write the topics. Do the research before I write. Did you ever heard about –keyword research? Many free tolls for keyword research, not just for blogging, you can use that tools for any kinds of writings, if internet is involved, I’ll do keyword research for first. For this article I wrote I take more time of keyword research. Research about what kind of keyword are people using for searching the information about how to make money on internet with blog. I found people are using : make+money+blogging. This keyword research has two fold benefit. One is that it helps you fine what people want to read. That is by using this keyword you’ll have better chance to be high position in search engine.    

These are About monetization method.

What product I want to Introduce? Affiliate program, Books or Adsense? 

And this is the explanation about Selling.

In blogging : what do you want to do? Sell something or want visitors clicks links? What do you do if you see a blogger without a good content or topics but just selling? You’ll leave that blog forever, don’t you? Use good selling with good articles with good topics for selling, like warm mind creative articles. If you want to make money from your blog, start writing it only after you know what keyword is related your topic and what kind of monetization you ca apply.

The Blog that can make more money are :

1.  Blog with the topic of information who people want to read.

2.  Blog that use the good keyword that search engine can easily search.

3. Blog with good product to sell with warm mind creation to write.