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Linking Strategy To Make Money Online

The strategy that's called linking strategy is strategy that will generate to your site and helps makes money online.

Millions people does makes money in internet which impossible is done or dream becoming reality.

This thing of course will make headache because complicated of system and mode of action in internet. Some people doesn't care with this thing, while the other will trying and do research as accurately before bringing an action against or stepping hereinafter in doing online business.


How do you will do to take decision? There is a lot of way to do business in internet to get money online. Multifarious strategy which has been done by internet marketer to get traffic for their web site and get sale in the end. But better do research before to do every ways to make money online.

It is of very important to get your website links onto other websites and directories so that people can find your website and visit it to give you more traffic. The more links you have pointing back to your site, the better your Google Page Rank or PR will be, because this is a measure of how popular your site is and how many other sites link to yours.

Now I will explain in detail strategy good link in implementing online business. First is strategy reciprocal link where is reciprocal between two sites.

You can submit demand to owner of sites to present link your web sites to his web sites. And you also do the same thing that is connecting his sites with your sites. This thing very useful so long as both sites interacting this relevant and as of similar. Means one another has equality in contents or description. That's called relevant link.

Do it carefully when using this strategy. Nevertheless it's really easy to make exchange links with many sites, especially if you applies thing automates process like Link Machine. But don't make exchange links if the content not relevant to your sites, that isn't a good idea is each other to make exchange links.

And it isnít a good thing to be exchange links each other with sites that Page Rank is lower than your sites, this thing will cause that sites will get benefit with Page Range improved, and your sites will lose Page Range from their lower Page Range. Very even better to obtain relationship for exchange links with higher level Page Range from your sites. In case like this of course your site will get benefit with Page Range improved.

The next strategy is directing to be able to one way back link to your sites. Can apply with software: Link Directory Submitter, which allows to easily submit your sites title and description that list from directories whose Page Range is listed. It's good to add your link to web site that Page Range is lower than your sites because it isn't a reciprocal exchange, it's a one way back link to your site, and it's better if you have more one way back link. Because will makes your sites to get more improvement Page Range from the sites that make one way back link to your sites.

Even better way to get quality, one-way links pointing back to your site is to write and submit articles with your website link either within the article body, or in the resource box at the end, to publishers all over the internet. There seems to be no quicker way to get targeted traffic to your site than this.

Another good linking strategy for making money on the internet is to do a Google, MSN, or Yahoo search for keywords related to your website to see which sites get the top positions in the search engine listings. Once you find those top sites, click on them to see if they have any spots on their home page where you could add your link. Contact the web master of that site to let them know you would like to exchange links with them. If they say yes, then you know you will have a good chance of being placed higher in the search engine listings as well, which will bring more traffic to your site, and hopefully more sales too.

You can also try finding free or paid web directories that will allow you to add or submit your website's URL by typing your keyword in the search box in Google followed by "add URL" or "submit URL".

Finally, making money on the internet can be made easier simply by making posts in discussion forums on your website's topic which include your links either within the body of the post, or in the signature file at the end. This gets you good one-way links pointing back to your site.

If it's a popular forum that many people frequently visit, chances are people will read your posts and click on your links bringing you more traffic to your sites.

Be careful in forums not to post just to get a link, as this is considered spamming. You want to add value to the discussions taking place by offering some helpful advice and asking good questions. This is what makes people click, not just randomly posting your links and saying "click here".

Making money on the internet can be fun and challenging. The important thing to remember is that you have to perform each task consistently, on a daily and weekly basis before you will see any results. It can take time to build up your links, or have your links accepted into directories, but if you try to get a few new links every day or every week, then you are on your way to building a popular website that gets visitors and money in your pocket.