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Why Not Take The Easy Way?

My article entitled

"The Easy Money Picture"

has been criticised by some people who do not believe working online is an easy way to make money and by others who do not believe people should be told an Internet business is an easy way to make money.


Although I do agree that people should not be subjected to hype which tells them they can easily become rich overnight if they sign up for an Internet business opportunity, I stand by every word of my article because I do believe that working on the Internet is an easy way to make money.

The detractors say that work is involved when you have an Internet business.

Sure, it requires work but how hard is it to sit in front of a computer? I'm not saying no work is required but, on a scale compared with mining coal or fighting fires, I think working on the internet is a very easy way to make money; we're not exactly risking life and limb here.

Consider these two options and tell me which one you think is the easy way to make money.

Option one requires you to leave home each day at a time dictated by your boss (you know: the guy who wouldn't let you have time off when your mother was sick), commute to a place your boss has decided upon, wear clothing approved by the boss, do what the boss orders you to do for eight hours or so and commute back home when you finish. You get vacations but they have to be taken when it suits your boss and he shows no consideration for your partner's schedule or your kids' schooling.

Option two allows you to work from home for the hours you want, doing work you choose.

There is no commuting on crowded trains or roads, you can wear what you like and take vacations when it suits you.

I sincerely think the latter option represents the easy way to make money.

Some Internet marketers believe you should not mention the fact that working online is an easy way to make money.

They say you should stress that work is involved if you want to be successful and long hours are sometimes necessary.

True again, but fatigue from spending too long at your home computer can hardly be compared to the exhaustion of spending hours rescuing injured people from a collapsed building (now that is definitely not an easy way to make money).

Internet marketers will remind you that you have to face a steep learning curve when you start to work online.

Indeed you do, but it's hardly rocket science, and I never heard of anyone who died from thinking too much.

Try another two options and tell me which one you think is hard work and which one is the easy way to make money.

Option one: training to be a brain surgeon.

Option two: learning about website promotion.

I maintain that the latter option is the easy way to make money.

In case you're not convinced, a final test to decide which option is the easy way to make money.

Option one being a nurse.

Option two being an affiliate marketer.

No contest!

If I had to choose one single thing that makes an online business a great easy way to make money I would say being your own boss.

The second thing would be having the freedom to do what you enjoy.

If you enjoy what you are working at, it can't fail to be an easy way to make money and I don't see the point of doing things the hard way when there's a choice.

About the author: Elaine Currie earns easy money legitimately with a Plug-in Profit Site.

Elaine Currie, BA (Hons)